The Words Of My Mouth


  Our words indicate what is in our heart. Love stimulates words of encouragement and good will, but unrighteous anger and hatred drive us to spew remarks that cut to the very bone. The tongue, though a small muscle, is mighty in power. It is strong enough to break a heart. The apostle James stated […]

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Valley of Detours: Trusting God


Have you ever read the wonderful book by Hannah Hurnard, Hinds Feet In High Places? If not, I highly recommend that you do. The main character, Much Afraid, decides to trust the Good Shepherd and travel to His kingdom, which are on the high places. He appoints two companions to assist her along the way, […]

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Flawed But Still Useful To God

_Failure Forward:CSLewis

  Well-known men and women featured in the Bible were flawed. Some would even call them failures in present times. The stories of Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, even Hosea are examples of serious family dysfunction. Although the Bible praises Solomon as the wisest man in the world, he had a serious sex addiction […]

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Shod Your Feet With The Gospel of Peace


  The Christian spiritual race is an uphill climb, full of snares and rough places. A smart runner selects shoes that will carry him through every type terrain. Our spiritual armor includes shoes, and we are instructed to “shod our feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15). The gospel of peace […]

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New Book: Belly Up In The Koi Pond

_Belly Up Cover

Hello Friends, I continue to write devotions but writing fiction has become a new hobby. My second book in the Sadie Sunshine Cozy Mystery Series is now available on Amazon. I’m sure you will enjoy Belly Up In The Koi Pond. Please check it out if you like clean and fun mysteries. It’s a quick […]

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Haphazard Plans?

_God In Control

  God’s way will turn a man’s thoughts inside out and upside down. We can’t forecast the way God works. The wisdom of the world would argue that God is haphazard, but He is not calculable in His providence. He works in ways we cannot predict or understand. “’For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways […]

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Dusting Away Spiritual Distractions


    Everyday life is filled with distractions. Daily goals are met with enticements and diversions that hinder or impede their achievement. Then, while slipping into bed, we review our day and roll our eyes over the many different directions our rabbit trails took us. Distractions once again sideswiped our well-intentioned plan to move forward […]

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Control: God Is The Artist Of Your Life Painting


“Will things always work out the way you hope and want? Of course not! You are not the illustrator of your life painting. God has all the hues and brush strokes worked out. The painting He is creating, thanks to the struggle He has given you, is a masterpiece.” ~ Cheryl Zelenka “For we are […]

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Easter Message: Love Requires Sacrifice


According to John 3:16, God loved/loves the world. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 (NKJV) From these words, we learn that Christian love requires sacrifice. God gave up His son in order to reestablish […]

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Facing Your GIANT Fears

*Stone for Goliath

Giants were actual biblical figures (Gen. 6:4, Num. 13:33), which intimidated and triggered fear in man. If used as an analogy, giants are obstacles and fears that hinder God’s direction in our life. New career paths, a step into ministry, a move, an illness, or some monumental challenge are all calculable Goliaths. Fear is innate, […]

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