God’s Point of View and Life in Proportion


When life is chaotic, painful, or full of uncertainty, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Exhaustion wears a person down, both physically and spiritually. And without time in the Word, depression is certain to knock on our door. It takes both physical and spiritual strength to weather a storm, and we require nourishment to persevere […]

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Should Christians Rebuke Satan?


Some Christians believe they not only have the authority to rebuke Satan, but that they should be rebuking him right and left. There is no biblical basis for such a belief. Unlike God, Satan is not omnipresent. He can only be in one place at one time. So, when believers find themselves under spiritual attack, […]

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God Delights In His Children


  God, our heavenly Father, delights in us! We underestimate the joy God has in His people, and too often think He is annoyed or angry with us. But God cannot rest in His love for us. It is beyond measure. In fact, we give Him so much joy that He breaks into song! He […]

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99 Cent eBook-Divine Interruptions


Today, I am offering 99 cent eBook downloads  of  Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study Through The Book of Job. https://www.amazon.com/Divine-Interruptions-Bible-Study-Through/dp/1495446352/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1478892300&sr=8-5&keywords=cheryl+Zelenka EVERYONE EXPERIENCES SUFFERING. Trials and circumstances may differ, but the lessons learned through various struggles are often shared by many. The book of Job is full of wisdom and insights. Divine Interruptions: A Bible Study […]

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The Belt Of Truth


Satan is the father of all lies and a master illusionist. An illusionist is someone who deceives others by giving a false or misleading impression of reality. Therefore, the devil works tirelessly to convince us God does not mean exactly what He says. Thankfully, Satan’s suggestions can never stand up against the light of God’s […]

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Hidden & Alone With God


There are several stories in the Bible where God calls one of His chosen into a place of solitude and seclusion. The apostle Paul, who has one of the greatest conversion stories in the Word of God, was led into the desert for three years. During that time the Holy Spirit instructed him in the […]

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A Prayer For Peace


This prayer was written by my friend, Andrea. I wanted to share it with my readers. Lord You, give Your people strength. You Lord, bless them with peace. (Psa.29:11) Great are You Lord, who delights in blessing His servant with peace! (Psa.35:27) Those who love Your instructions have great peace and do not stumble. (Psa.119:165) You […]

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Detour Through The Desert


When we are walking through a trial, it will often seem like our path is dark, unlit. We don’t know where we are going or where the path is leading.   Hind’s Feet In High Places by Hannah Hernard is my favorite book of fiction. The name of the main character is Much-Afraid. She is […]

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Friends Of A King


When we become believers, we enter into a life long journey where we discover the many facets of our relationship with God. To start, we come to know Him as our Creator. Then, we learn He is one God in three Divine Persons. From there, many of us develop a loving relationship with God where […]

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The book of Jonah is one of my favorites in the Bible. The Lord used this book to help me stay on track during my recovery from brain surgery.  My spiritual race was wearing me out, and I wanted to move back home to Oregon. God however had other plans for me, all of which […]

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