Detour Through The Desert

When we are walking through a trial, it will often seem like our path is dark, unlit. We don’t know where we are going or where the path is leading.
Hind’s Feet In High Places by Hannah Hernard is my favorite book of fiction. The name of the main character is Much-Afraid. She is led by the Good Shepherd on a journey to the High Places. He graciously gives her two traveling companions to help guide her on the journey. The name of her two companions are SORROW and SUFFERING.
In one part of the book it appears that the path is going the wrong way. Instead of leading her up further to the High Places, it seems like there is a detour. This detour takes her DOWN into a desert. Her reply to her companions is, “I can’t go down there,” panted Much-Afraid, sick with shock and fear. “He can never mean that-never! He called me UP to the High Places, and this is an absolute contradiction of all that He promised.”
Much-Afraid calls out to the Lord, who appears before her. He says quietly, “Much-Afraid, do you love Me enough to accept the postponement and the apparent contradiction of the promise, and to go down there with Me into the desert?”
What was her response? What would be your response?
Much-Afraid says to her Good Shepherd, “I will go down with You into the wilderness, right away from the promise, if You really wish it. Even if you cannot tell me why it has to be. I will go with You, for You know I do love You, and You have the right to choose for me anything that You please.”
Much-Afraid laid down her will. She chose to trust her Shepherd knowing that He loved her and had her best interests at heart.
I must say, the past few years of my life have been a bit of a roller coaster ride. My path has been wild, scary, and often hidden from view. At times, I could only see three feet ahead. My future, once so comfortable and stable (as a teacher), has become one of uncertainty. I had to lay down my will and give up my hopes of returning to my beloved Oregon….. at least for the present. He led me into a Rocky Mountain desert, beautiful but not where I had wanted to journey.
He has blessings for us in the downward paths, the deserts, the unexplained roads that appear dangerous and off track. In reality, these paths are right on track! He wants us to trust in His goodness and lay down our wills. The momentary delay of His promise to take us all to His High Places will serve a purpose in our lives.
Will you trust the Lord to take you by the hand and walk with you into those wilderness places? He has lessons to teach and wisdom to give you.


  1. Clearly god has plans for me that much i do know. now i have even more proof of it.

    i told you god was leading me but i was not 100% sure i was having problems trying understand your last blog page help to clear some of it up. i talked to my pastier Sunday telling him about god leading me i ask him how understand it he told me to prey to god lead me in the bible so after coming home from church i had did as he asked i preyed to god lead me in his word to understand these things he lead me to habakkuk 3:19 the lord god is my strength and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet and he will make me to walk upon mine high places.

    i looked up it’s meaning to understand it more. i now understand it meaning but was still bit confused what god wants me to do that still hidden but i know he well let me understand it later. but one thing i did ask of him was to clarify his messange about him leading me help me undertstand it better. than today i seen your blog on words Hind’s Feet In High Places.

    clearly god wanted me see it and understand that he is leading me, i understand that god wanting lead me i follow as he wishes i wait tell he shows me more just want say your blog is blession have great day 😀

    • Cheryl Zelenka says:

      Hello again, Isaac!
      I am so glad you are praying about this burden on your heart and seeking out godly counsel. God will faithfully guide and direct your steps. If we are in HIS will, He will bless us. Many paths are difficult but we God does not promise us an easy life in this world and we will see fruit from all acts obedience. Keep me in the loop as to whether you move or God keeps you where you are. Wait for open doors, confirmation, and His provision.