Facing Storms Book Review

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“Facing Storms: Devotions for Thought & Meditation by author Cheryl Zelenka is both a devotional and a book to give the Christian reader insight and perspective when afflictions and trials come our way. The seventeen chapters focus on hope, relationship, confusion, faith, peace and rest, sin and forgiveness, prayer, joy, God’s will,plan,and purpose, Heaven, protection, fear, patience, the Spirit filled life, perspective, bitterness, and storms and trials.

Zelenka teaches in her book how to have the right attitude and mindset and how to not just “get through” our difficulties, but also how to trust God, be joyful, and mature through them. Zelelka explains, “God has equipped you and me to overcome every adversity in life. Through faith and the gift of prayer, we may call upon His supernatural strength any time we feel weak, overwhelmed, or discouraged. He is always willing to help, advise, protect, encourage…and forgive!” (page 94)

Furthermore, Zelenka’s book focuses on God’s soverienty and His great plan for each of our lives- which includes the adversities that He allows to occur. Zelenka writes, “Pain and affliction are tools used by the Master Sculptor to fashion His creation into amazing works of art. We do well to accept these instruments of suffering for they serve a mighty and worthwhile purpose.” (page 168)

This book is a great read. It is filled with Scripture verses and wisdom with many quotes from other Christians. It is well researched, thought out, and written. My now much underlined and highlighted book will be a reference that I will return to when I need reminding of God’s truths and promises.”

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