Prayer for Greater Faith


Blessed Father God,

Thank You for choosing me to live eternally with You. As Your bondservant, I will serve You loyally and with a thankful heart. I am blessed by Your desire to know me intimately. I long to know You more and more.

I now ask for a greater and deeper faith, one that trusts You unconditionally and with my whole heart. I do not want to lean on my own understanding when adversity and times of testing come. Your ways and thoughts are so much higher than my own. Grant me a faith that is certain of Your unconditional love and faithfulness. Enable me to REST in You, even during the most painful and trying circumstances. Be my peace, strength, and hope.

Thank You for calling me Your child. I am Yours. Do with me as You will. Strengthen and equip me to endure any purpose You have ordained for my life and may I succeed in glorifying Your holy name.


  1. Jenny Barnard says:

    what a beautiful prayer, it helps me understand how Mother Theresa & others of faith have been able
    to accomplish so much with so little ….on my wall is a print of of van Gogh’s, each day I look at it and try
    to interpret the message, but as every interpretation is different, I see a brightly lit cafe, a summer’s night
    patrons chat and drink, leading off to the right of the picture, is a dark alley, hemmed in by a solid blocks
    of apartments….if you look, you can see the stars, somewhat blurred…but there they are, bodiless and simple…timeless, lanterns drawing the eye, holding it and till the connection strikes like lightning to the soul…the painting, I think is called “Night Cafe”The way through the dark alley is cobbled, hard and cold, the cafe offers illusory solutions, the way to the stars is hard and difficult, but we must go and not look back….